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Digital Shock Melody (DSM) player is responsive animated html5 audio player with playlist. It has svg elements with nice gradient color and it's totally resolution independent.

    • full control button set
    • customized timeline slider
    • animated text flow content
    • output display section with: volume bars, track duration, current track time, track number, indicators for repeat, cover and playlist status
    • auto scroll playlist with options for disabling tracks
    • animated show, hide playlist and cover art section
    • easy grid configuration
  • HTML5
  • jquery
  • copy-paste everything from "body.html" into your HTML body tag or any div
  • copy-paste everything from "head.html" into your HTML head tag
  • add folders: dsm_css, dsm_img, dsm_js into same folder where is your HTML document
  • go to "dsm_js/dsm-playlist.js" and add some songs
  • go to "dsm_js/config.js" if you need to configure player
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Version v1.0
Category Html
Release date 2017-08-27
Latest update 2017-09-11
Included files .css, .html, Javascript .js
Compatible browsers All
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High resolution Yes
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