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in , on 11 de Julho, 2019

Plate III player is one of the best player plugins for WordPress. It will be a good choice both for internet radio stations, blogs and artists fan sites. Plate III is fully responsive, also it’s got retina ready design so you don’t have to worry about the picture, the retina display users will see. Say “no” to blurry reflections!

Plate III copes with mp3 files, Shoutcast and Icecast streams, uploads artists and titles from meta, and uses covers from Its fully compatible with WordPress native media gallery.

It’s easy to install and use Plate III on any device. That’s really one of the best WordPress player, you’ve ever seen, as it’s got all you’ve ever wished for. The configuration page allows you to choose the way you’re own player looks without changing the original code. Top internet radio stations all around the word preferred Plate III. Just scroll down and you’ll see the real examples.


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