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Lav Radio Bundle ( android & ios pack) - 1


  • Two apps for iOS and Android platforms. (At a discounted price until December 31)
  • Php Backend
  • Instructions for customization

Application Features

  • Support single radio station
  • Support Shoutcast or Icecast server
  • Song metadata
  • Background play
  • Podcast section
  • Offline section
  • About section
  • New podcast section player
  • Social link
  • Support Admob (banner and interstitial)
  • Enable or disable modules and pages in the application
  • Stable dependency versions and fast application logic
  • Amazing animations
  • Full localization (iOS) (ready for translation into the languages: English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, Czech, Ukrainian, Swedish, Duch, Italian, Kirean, Chinese and more )
  • Ability to download podcasts and listen offline
  • Background play radio
  • Background play and remote control podcast ( online , offline)
  • On-Off local notification
  • Support MP3 , AAC | AAC+ stream
  • In-app purchase ( remove ad and access to timeline)
  • Search track radio in Apple music
  • Search information track radio in Apple music API (cover track)
  • Support Xcode 8.3.x and higher, iOS 9.x-10.x
  • Support Swift 3.0.1
  • Mass unlimited push notification OneSignal
  • Easy setup
  • Easy customization
  • Clean code
  • Documentation with include

Features backend

  • Edit radio station data
  • Control and delete Apple music found information
  • Add , edit, delete radio news
  • Add, edit , delete podcast
  • Xss protection
  • Json POST | GET protection
  • Users role (admin, editor, demo)

Technical requirements

  • PHP min 5.6-7.0 !!!
  • MySql
  • Apache server
  • GD library
  • Shared hosting with Cpanel (We did not check the script’s performance on the VPS and VDS hosting)
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Last Update: 6 de Agosto, 2019
Relased: 17 de Julho, 2019
Version: 1.0
File Size: 242MB
Documentation: Yes


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